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The fascinating thing about the new generation of upholstery fabrics is the eco-friendly aspects under which the goods were manufactured and their absolute recyclability. The fabrics are made from recycled yarns and produced using less energy, water and chemicals. This collection is our contribution to giving the next generation a better environment.

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The GWP value is 4,8 times lower than the Creation of nylon 6 or 1.7 times lower than at Production of polyester. The low melting point of the olefin yarn is reduced furthermore the energy consumption in the production, these are the most environmentally friendly, existing synthetic yarns. No toxic waste, no toxic fumes, no water consumption during the dyeing process, no fluorocarbon.


The production of the yarns used in these fabrics Requires less energy than standard synthetic yarns. For 1 kilo recycled polyester is the savings compared to conventional production 90 kWh. In other words, the production of a ton conventional polyester yarns versus a ton recycled yarn is synonymous with energy savings of 30 years for a single household.


The production of the fabrics is extremely water-saving. Per meter, 60 liters of water are saved, compared to a conventional production.


The used yarns for the sustainable collection are recycled and can be recycled. The raw material is extracted from excess textiles and not from PET bottles. This process is Global Recycled Standard 4.0 certified. The traceability of recycled raw materials within the supply chain is independently controlled and certified to the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) version V.2 Grade 100.

Thus, the RCS enables the transparent, consistent and comprehensive independent assessment and verification of the accuracy of information on the content of recycled materials in a product. The EU Ecolabel was launched in 1992 by the European Commission. The award is made to products that have lower environmental impacts than comparable ones. The awarding of the Ecolabel for the NGF collection will take place in summer 2020.


Cradle to Cradle is a worldwide recognized system for the development of sustainable economy. It describes the technical cycle of waste the goods used for new. With our Next Generation Collection, we follow exactly this approach.
Production – Consumption – Renewal

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